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Treatment Sessions

Small Talk Pediatric Therapy Center offers articulation, language and fluency therapy for ages 12 months to 13 years of age. Treatment sessions are currently 30 minutes in length and a recommended frequency will be given following evaluation. An evaluation is required prior to the start of speech services. Please see our page on evaluations for more information. 


We believe in a play-based, hands on service delivery model for your child's speech and language needs. This includes providing sensory supports, hands on learning and application of speech and language supports. 

30 minute treatment sessions are 65.00, private pay


Why play based therapy?

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Do you ever need motivation to get up and go to work? Maybe your drive-thru coffee is your motivator! Well, kiddos need motivators too. Bubbles, puzzles, kitchen sets, trampoline jumping, Goldfish crackers, and more can assist in the growth of your child's speech and language skills.

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In play based therapy, we are on the go, go, go! Following your child's lead, while using their motivators, will help foster increased attention and focus to the specific therapy tasks.

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Play based therapy approach offers the opportunity to learn the skills in various activities. The play based actions will further develop and help carry over skills into the home and community.

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